Note-taking for broadcast of political views benefits the hard of hearing in Kyoto

The participants look at a screen written with script along with a candidate's broadcast of political views.

April 3, 2014

The event for hard of hearing participants to view broadcast of political views of the Kyoto gubernatorial election with note-taking took place in the city welfare hall in Yawata-shi, Kyoto Prefecture on April 2.

About 30 hard of hearing persons attended it. This event was the first trial in Japan carried out by the Kyoto Association of the Persons with Hearing Loss in order to get hearing loss persons who cannot sign interested in an election.

Since the captioning of broadcast of political views is illegal by the Public Offices Election Law, the image of DVD and the separate screen for note taking this time (photo).

The Association was pleased, saying "Now, we were able to get the information on the up-coming election. It is the first step of suffrage realization for us."

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