Fire department produces video on Web119 emergency system for practical use

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PR video of the "Web119 disaster information system" which Takarazuka fire-fighting headquarters produced.

April 12, 2014

The Fire-fighting Headquarters in Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo Prefecture developed public-relations video on the emergency call system, "Web119 disaster report system," to increase the registrant of the deaf community  and persons with speech disability who wish to report by a mobile phone.

Web119 is used in the "Fire-Fighting Direction Center for Takarazuka-shi, Kawanishi-shi, and Inagawa-cho" in the Headquarters. The residents of three cities and towns who are Deaf/deaf or speech impaired can register for the service.

Although the system has started in April, 2011, the registrant remained as eight persons as of April 10 in the these cities and towns. It was reported in the actually used case more detailed information was acquired sooner than the conventional fax message.

The Headquarters is going to upload the video on You Tube.

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