CART project for support to Deaf/deaf students at Japan College of Social Work

CART study session by the Deaf/deaf student support project led by Professor Saito Kurumi (back).

April 21, 2014

A session to introduce CART, or Computer Assisted Realtime Translation was held by the Deaf/deaf student support project which Professor Saito Kurumi (斉藤くるみ) serves as a representative in Japan College of Social Work.

In order to support the Deaf/deaf student in the classroom, the research and practice which utilize a computer has been advanced since the autumn of 2010.

Currently CART serves about 10 Deaf/deaf students in the lecture and exercise at the College.

It is not an easy work, because if incorrect translation of language or a mistaken term occurs, the mistaken information may be memorized in the computer.

The students who participated in the lecture for the first time said, "It is hard to strike a key following the spoken speed of a speaker."

Professor Saito explained, "This lecture would make you understand deeply what deafness means. It is not only technical acquisition, but a lesson with the great merit for the hearing person who studies welfare."

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