Carp streamers as the recollections of Otaru School for the Deaf

The carp streamers donated by Otaru School for the Deaf.

April 22, 2014
A total of 300 sheets of the carp streamer and good-catch flag which are loved with the spring natural-featured scene were installed along Katsunaigawa River on April 13, delighting many spectators in Otaru-shi, Hokkaido, Japan's northern island.

Among the sheets, three carp streamers are hung with by the pole installed in the promenade of Katsunaigaw River, swimming calmly. They were donated by the Hokkaido Otaru School for the Deaf which was closed at the end of March, this year because of reduction in the number of students after the foundation of 107 years.

The personnel who worked in the school at that time explained;

"We used the carp streamers at the dormitory event. Due to the closure of the school, we discussed what to do with them, and reminded that the words related to the river in the school song.

So we contacted the city and the town association came to pick up the carp streamers. The school staff, and seven children and students wrote a message to the carp streamers that would leave recollections."

Written to the large-sized carp streamers with a name with the permanent marker are "Thank you", "Smile always", "Let us meet again", etc.

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