Verification of the alarm equipment which appeals for evacuation to the Deaf

February 18, 2014

Fire and Disaster Management Agency performed training to verify the effect of the alarm equipment that appeals for evacuation to the Deaf/deaf by blink of light at a time of a fire in Haneda Airport, Tokyo.

The training aimed to find how the Deaf/deaf could recognize the white light on the alarm which blinks once in 1 second, and take evacuation. 

As a result, all the Deaf/deaf participants responded to the alarm by light and took evacuation, compared with the public emergency announcement which no one noticed.

One of the Deaf/deaf participants commented: "I noticed shining. However, I might not notice the light when reading or talking with someone."

Fire and Disaster Management Agency is due to experiment on 25 hospitals and schools, etc. across Japan by January, and to find an experimental result by March, 2014.

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