University circle supports Fukushima through sign language dance

March 17, 2014

The charity event which supports the activity of the children in Fukushima Prefecture which suffered from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake was opened in the elementary school gymnasium in Gifu Prefecture on March 15, which about 100 dancers performed. 

The Chubu Gakuin University sign language circle sponsored this event, cosponsored by the town commerce industry council and the Hida-Osaka tourist agency.

The dancers and members of a professional theatrical company who instructs the circle, and elementary and junior high school students in the city participated in the event.

Following a loud sound of the drum which the Gifu drum group performed, the Deaf persons also danced together the sign language dance.

About 150 spectators gathering in the gymnasium also danced with the dancing groups at the end, heaping up the hall.

Fund-raising given at the event is due to be donated to the children through the volunteer organization in Fukushima.

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