Saga-shi to expand sign-language interpreting support

March 15, 2014

Saga-shi in western Japan will add more places to dispatch the sign-language interpreting service members and note-taking service members, starting in April.

The dispatch places were restricted to a medical institution, government and municipal offices until now. In response to the Deaf community's requests, the mobile phone store for the contract procedure and ceremonial occasions will be added.

Deaf persons said when purchasing a smart phone, etc. there are many technical terms and that contractual coverage is difficult to understand. Some pointed out also that without knowing an advance situation at a funeral, having had a feeling that he/she was left out, etc.

In the last fiscal year the sign-language interpreters were dispatched for 168 cases, and the note-taking 18 cases.

The city has proposed about 1,660,000 yen as dispatch and a training cost of service members in the new-fiscal-year initial budget.

The Deaf/deaf population in the city was 935 at the end of March, 2013.

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