First certified "sign language interpreter" in Amami Islands

Nakahama Hiroshi, the first certified sign language interpreter in Amami Islands.

March 11, 2014

In February, 2014, Nakahama Hiroshi (中浜博), 40, who works as a sign language interpreter in the Amami-shi welfare policy division became a certified sign language interpreter for the first time in Amami Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture in western Japan.

A certified "sign language interpreter" is the official one defined with the ministerial ordinance of the Law for the Welfare of People with Physical Disabilities. In the sign-language interpreting of a trial or broadcast of political views, only certificated sign language interpreters are required.

If any sign interpreters pass the sign-language interpreting skill certifying examination which is carried out every year, they register with a social welfare corporation, The Information and Cultural Center for the Deaf, located in Tokyo, and becomes "certified sign language interpreters."

Although there are 18 sign language interpreters in Amami-shi now, only several interpreters are available. Therefore, the communication through note-taking is carried out in many cases. Besides, the needs in the medical scene are also increasing especially.

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