Event held in Tokyo to promote early establishment of sign language law

The First Diet Members' Office Building Hall where the event was opened.
(photo: http://blog.canpan.info/)

March 20, 2014

The event which asks for establishment of "a sign language law (tentative name)" was held in the No.1 House of Representatives Office Building on March 14, which about 200 persons and 14 Diet members attended.

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf, the sponsor of the event, reported its action policy to promote early legislation, such as aiming at adoption of written opinion in all the self-governing bodies nationwide by this autumn.

A Flemish Parliament Member, Helga Stevens of Belgium who is Deaf and a former Europe Union of the Deaf Director and President, was invited to the event.

She said, "Sign language is the key of a door for a Deaf person to participate in society. While a Deaf person's social participation is promoted by accepting sign language as language, establishment of a language law is only one route. Even if after the law were established, it is most important to follow up with it."

A total of 41 cities and towns from 11 prefectures after three self-governing bodies, such as Tottori Prefecture which enacted the ordinance at home, submitted the written opinion and/or the petition which ask for establishment of a sign language law to the Diet.

The same promotion event is due to be held in Ishikari again in April.

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