Deaf student aims to become a hearing dog trainer

February 5, 2014

The organization in Nagano Prefecture, the Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, welcomed a new deaf student, Hagiwara Rei (萩原怜), 18, on February 4. He said, "I hope I as a deaf person can support other deaf person through a hearing dog."

The organization opens a year-long course of for hearing dong trainer in February every year, and offers the qualification of associate trainer at the time of complement of the course. Furthermore, the associate trainer becomes a formal trainer after experience in teaching three users how to treat a hearing dog.

Hagiwara, an animal lover, was born hard of hearing and uses a hearing aid. He graduated from the local agricultural high school.

He said, "I  began to think; I want to keep myself concerned with an animal and would like to do work which is beneficial to deaf people rather than going to a university."

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