Deaf schools hold the last graduation ceremony in March

The children who shake a hand at the school building of the Tokushima Prefecture School for the Deaf in Tokushima City, and say good-bye.

"The event of separation" was performed in the Tokushima Prefecture School for the Deaf in western Japan on March 24. About 120 students from preschool through high school and alumni members said good-bye.

The school will change its name to the Tokushima Support School for the Deaf and move to a town in the city in April, where 40 students including eight new students will learn.

Another school, the Kushiro School for the Deaf  in Hokkaido, northern Japan held the last graduation ceremony on March 17 . A preschooler and a student from junior high school attended it.

The school will be closed at the end of March and all the Deaf students will be transferred to a new school, the Kushiro Tsuruno Support School which will open in April. 

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