Deaf college student acquires a long-awaited karate black obi with karate

Okita Taiga acquires the black obi.

February 11, 2014

In Ishikawa Prefecture, Okita Taiga (沖田大芽), 19, a Kanazawa Seiryo College freshman, who was born deaf, finished ten-person sparring continuously pitched against each other successfully at the winter karate promotion examination meeting on February 2. He won the black obi (belt), the first rank which was his great desire.

Okita started practice in a local karate school when he was a junior high school student of the Ishikawa School for the Deaf.

Although he was not able to take communication well with other hearing students at the karate school at the beginning and likely to suffer a setback sometimes, he gritted his tooth, strove for exercise.

When he was a senior high school student, he first won the victory in the karate exchange convention in Fukui Prefecture.

Later Okita rose in rank favorably taking advantage of high physical strength by having joined the track and field team.

He decided to take promotion examination as he wanted to take the black obi, which was his dream ever since when he started karate.

After winning the black obi, Okita said, "I want to tell the Deaf/deaf youth that you can do it if you want to do something. It is my dream to open the exercise hall for Deaf/deaf children some day."

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