Company in Sapporo gropes about the wedding ceremony for Deaf persons

Saito Kaname  (left) discusses the plan of a wedding ceremony with his fellow worker in sign language.

 February 27, 2014

The bridal producing company called "Glove Entertainment" in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido is working on the plan of the wedding ceremony that Deaf persons can also enjoy.

The hearing employees learned sign language, and also the opinion of the Deaf employee Saito Kaname (斉藤要) was adopted.

The experimental wedding reception was held in the city in December, 2013, which about 50 Deaf persons were invited. They touched the balloon installed in the hall in order to feel music as one of fine creatively arrangements.

The company is advertising, saying "We would like to arrange a wedding ceremony that all the attendants share a joyous moment regardless of disability."

President Sato Nozomu (佐藤望), 41, had the opportunity that he attended the wedding ceremony of one of his childhood friends who was Deaf eight years ago, the start for the new project.

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