Tottori Prefecture starts video remote interpreting service

The Deaf person and the prefectural personnel (left) communicate through video remote interpreting service.

December 25, 2013

Tottori Prefecture started the video remote interpreting service with the use of the tablet computer on December 24.

Even if a Deaf person does not accompany a sign language interpreter at the time of going out, it becomes easy for him/her to communicate with a hearing person at a restaurant, government and municipal offices, etc.

According to the prefecture officials, it is the first in Japan that a Deaf person walks around with a tablet using the video remote interpreting in various scenes.

The tablet computer is arranged also at the prefectural office window.

Seventeen Deaf persons have registered as a monitor for the service.

Takatsuka Chiharu (高塚千春), 38, a secretariat staff of the Tottori Prefecture League of Organizations of the Deaf, stated, "Though the service may be easy to use compared with written communication, it may be difficult, since it will take a time to get used to communicate on the display. I believe it is effective at the window, and is convenient with a tablet in a station or other public institutions."

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