Symposium on sign language ordinance held in Saitama Prefecture

Ishikari-shi Mayor Taoka Katsusuke gives a remark (center) 
while Tottori Prefecture Governor Hirai Shinji listens (right).

December 26, 2013
On December 24, the Saitama Association of the Deaf held the symposium on sign language ordinance in the Saitama Hall in Saitama-shi in the prefecture next to Tokyo, and about 940 persons, including Deaf persons, persons with disability, administration and persons interested in sign language, participated.

Tottori Prefecture Governor Hirai Shinji said in a lecture, "The most important thing is that one concerned raises voice and moves forward."

Koide Shinichiro (小出真一郎), chairman of the board of directors of the prefecture association of the Deaf gave various examples related to a Deaf person, and claimed that sign language is the power itself which is useful for a Deaf person.

Saitama Prefecture Governor Ueda Seiji (上田清司) introduced himself by sign language, and also said, "I hope this symposium will offer a good opportunity to expand greatly the common view that sign language is language."

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