National Convention for the Deafblind to take place at Kobe in August

Imagawa (left) tells the ambition for a national convention through finger Braille interpreting.

January 1, 2014

The 23rd National Convention for the DeafBlind will be held for the first time in Hyogo Prefecture near Kyoto this summer.

It will take place in the Kobe International Conference Center Hall, etc. at Kobe-shi in the prefecture for four days from August 1.

About 1,000 people including the Deafblind, their families, interpreters, and care takers will share information and discuss the state of welfare.

The non-profit organization called "The Hyogo Group of the DeafBlind and their Friends" based in the city that will plan and manage the event is currently appealing for participation of the party concerned or a volunteer.

According to the prefecture's 2009-11 investigation, 639 Deafblind persons have received the disability handbook in the prefecture. It is estimated to be 1,000 if those who do not have the handbook were included.

Imagawa Yuko (今川裕子), chairman of the board of directors of the group, is also Deafblind herself , saying, "The Deafblind have many difficulties with "a place where they go out. I want many people to know a Deafblind person's existence and the activity by holding a national convention in the prefecture."

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