Deaf group points out "mistakes" in sign language CM of Tottori Prefecture

 January 7, 2014

It turned out on January 6 that a part of sign language in the TV commercial, in which Tottori Prefecture advertises establishment of the sign language ordinance, was pointed out as "mistaken" by the Deaf organization, etc.

The prefecture has left sign language instruction and recording to the production company, and did not even recognize any mistake with the check before televising.

CM, which was broadcast by three commercial broadcasting companies a total of 108 times,  36 times respectively, on December 3-9, last year, can be browsed by the prefectural official website, and it is being examined whether the prefecture adds notes or cancels public presentation.

CM production cost was 7,900,000 yen containing the expense of the DVD creation for education. The prefecture office was entrusted to the production company at Yonago-shi in the prefecture through the competition. A former sign language interpreter was requested by the company to teach language to an actress Matsumoto Wakana.

When the prefectural person in charge checked the CM recording at the end of November and didn't notice any mistakes in sign language.

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