Tenth sign language performance show held in Kawasaki-shi

The stage, "D'LIVE", where variegated music and dance were performed.
 (photo: http://news.kanaloco.jp/)

December 10, 2013

The 10th "D'LIVE" (derived from "drive") was held in a live house "CLUB CITTA" (クラブチッタ) in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture on December 7. The event is held every year in order that both hearing and Deaf/deaf persons enjoy themselves together.

At the event, 25 groups of performers unfolded hot performance, and
620 visitors, 70 percent of whom were hearing, enjoyed variegated music and dance as well as their performance at night.

This event was sponsored by the car driving school called the Koyama Driving School (コヤマドライビングスクール) based in Tokyo. It operates a driving school in Yokohama-shi and the Tokyo metropolitan area and also offers a driving lesson to Deaf/deaf persons.

The school staff began training for the Deaf/deaf students in sign language towards license acquisition since 2000. 0ver 120 staff now have mastered sign language.

The live event is held with the thought that "everyone shares the pleasure of expressing in sign language" irrespective of the disability. 

About 60 groups of unit total, such as a dance group, a "sign language song" group, etc., in which many Deaf/deaf persons are active, for these ten years.

Each sign language circle of 19 universities in the metropolitan area also cooperates in the live show management. The driving school persons concerned says, "There is an ardent love of a performer, a student volunteer and the persons concerned, which has made the annual event possible. We would like to continue it."

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