Persons with hearing loss enjoy the Christmas meeting through note taking in Gifu Prefecture

The staff members teach magic while projecting the note taking with a projector for the persons with hearing loss.

December 23, 2013

The non-profit organization called "Gifu Note-taking Bonfire" (ぎふ要約筆記かがり火) which supports a persons with hearing loss held the Christmas meeting in the Gifu Citizen Welfare-activities Center in Gifu-shi on December 22.

It is an event that has been continued for about ten years with other non-profit organization called "The Gifu Association of the Hard of hearing Persons" (ぎふ難聴者協会).

On the day, 35 persons with hearing loss aged 5-80 came to the event. There were a magic show by a volunteer and a performance of the hand bell played by persons with hearing loss, all of which were explained while projecting "the note taking" on the projector.

One of the participants, aged 77,  lost hearing in both the ears due to the illness when she was 45 years old. She said, "I enjoyed the magic show that I participated. I would like people to know that there are those who need the note taking since they don't understand sign language."

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