Organization publishes collection of examples on discrimination against persons with disabilities in Ibaraki Prefecture

November 29, 2013

The organization, called the "group to develop the disability rights ordinance in Ibaraki" which consists of main 19 disability organizations in Ibaraki Prefecture published "the collection of discriminating examples" in order to enhance the ordinance establishment.

The group insisted that they wanted people to get to know a concrete example of discrimination and to know the present condition that a person with disability is hard to live.

The group interviewed the discriminating example experienced from about 30 persons with disabilities, as well as they asked for more examples through e-mail in October.

Summarizing a total of 180 examples gathered, the group submitted the collection of their work to the major political party of the prefectural assembly, the "Ibaraki Liberal Democratic Party" (「いばらき自民党」).

The collection of examples is currently online (Japanese):

"Group to develop the disability rights ordinance in Ibaraki" official website (Japanese):

Japanese source:

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