More TV commercials with caption broadcast

Panasonic's commercial on the cooking household appliance with caption.

September 13, 2013

Commercials with caption have begun to be successively broadcast on television. This trend is welcomed by Deaf persons and elderly people.

Panasonic's captioned commercial on the household appliance (photograph) is broadcast every Saturday in the TV program since the end of August. Big enterprises such as Kao, Lion, Canon, etc. also broadcast their own commercial with caption.

The program with caption is increasing in news or a drama, too. The investigation as of the 2011 fiscal year by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications shows that in the NHK General TV 61% of the total broadcasting hours are captioned, while 46% for the Tokyo key commercial TV stations.

On the other hand, commercials with caption spread slowely because of a few technical issues -- there is a possibility that caption may hide the performer and a brand name in a commercial. Also, the commercial with caption in a TV program is restricted by "only one company sponsoring,"  etc.

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