Matsusaka-shi assembly in Mie Prefecture adopts a sign language ordinance petition for establishment

December 18, 2013

The Matsusaka-shi assembly in Mie Prefecture  adopted the petition on December 17 which asks for acceptance of sign language as  language and the establishment of "a Matsusaka-shi sign language ordinance (tentative name)" which aims at foundation of the environment where the Deaf person lives easily.

The city is planning to enact a city ordinance also in February, next year. They will put efforts into the sign language education for the personnel, and also set up the target, etc. aiming at sign language spread in and out of the city.

The move towards establishment of a sign language ordinance is the first in the Tokai district.

Fukagawa Seiko (深川誠子), president of the Mie Prefectural Association of the Deaf who issued the petition, said, "We would like to promote this movement all over the country. We will hire a Deaf person as the business person in charge next year and propose the substantial ordinance."

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