Ishikari-shi in Hokkaido submits an ordinance proposal in order to make the city accessible in sign language

Shintoku-cho Mayor Hamada Masatoshi explains at the expert meeting.
November 30, 2013
Aiming at more social understanding of sign language and supporting the Deaf community, Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido submitted the "Basic Ordinance on Sign Language" proposal to the regular municipal assembly on November 29. If it passed, the city will be the second case in Japan after Tottori Prefecture.

According to the city, the draft ordinance states sign language is regarded as the "language" that forms culture like Japanese similarly, and it also specifies improvement of the environment so that a Deaf person should easily participate in society.

An ordinance proposal is expected to be approved on December 16, the final day of the municipal assembly. The city aims at the ordinance enforcement in April, next year.

In Hokkaido again, Shintoku-cho established the examination committee consisting of experts on November 8, and is advancing decision of the ordinance proposal.

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