Highest award to Deaf students at the support contest held in Gunma Prefecture

The students of the department of education, Gunma University shone with the highest award.
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December 22, 2013

In the practice case contest about Deaf student support, five students of the department of education, Gunma University, won the highest award.

While the students from many universities put emphasis on the presentation related to how to support a Deaf/deaf student, the students of Gunma University were evaluated that they themselves expressed the thought as the party concerned.

The contest was held as one of the programs of "The Japanese Support to Deaf Students in Higher Education Symposium" in Gunma University on December 8.

A total of 18 universities/colleges and vocational schools exhibited the poster on which each practice was summarized. About 300 school staff and students who participated in the symposium cast their vote from viewpoints, such as "helpful", "promising", etc.

The student team of Gunma University introduced how they as a Deaf/deaf student tackled practice teaching. They explained the way, etc. which changes the method of communication according to the needs of a student or a child. For example, in the classroom, while the Deaf student had stationed two sign-language interpreters, he/she directly communicated with the hearing children in writing during the lunchtime or the time for recess.

The reaction from the participants from other universities was: "It is great that sign-language interpreting is flexibly used".

On the other hand, although a hard of hearing senior aged 20 used "the realtime computer captioning service" for the lecture in the university, he overcame the practice teaching in the elementary school only with the use of his hearing-aid. He said, "I have noticed myself that what is necessary is just to ask again when it is hard to hear clearly."

Special Support Education Professor Kanazawa Takayuki (金沢貴之) of  of Gumma University was pleased with the award. He said, "It is the result of the students tackling the difficult part of support in practice teaching squarely."

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