"Help Card" made for the Deaf in Hachioji-shi, Tokyo

Miyamoto (left) shows the Help Card used in Hachioji-shi, made from the paper which is strong in water and cannot be torn easily.
 (photo: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/)

December 14, 2013

The "Help Card", which is shown what support is needed for the person who is disabled or has an incurable disease when asking for help, has been produced and distributed in each self-governing body.

A Hachioji Association of the Deaf president Miyamoto Ichiro (宮本一郎), 54, emphasizes the meaning of the Help Card distributed since November in the city. "If a Deaf person shows the card asking for help, it will tell at a glance that the person is Deaf or hard of hearing, or that sign-language interpreting or writing is required."

If a deaf passenger gets troubled without the ability to hear usually the spoken announcement in the cases, such as a trouble of a train, it is difficult for him/her to stop a station employee and explain the reason for the need of written communication in the confused situation.

There is a space in the card which the main physical features of the owner, required support, medicine, etc. are described as necessary minimum information given in the case of emergency.

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