Disaster radio with text display device on gratis loan to the Deaf in Miyagi Prefecture

December 08, 2013

Ofunato-shi in Miyagi Prefecture will provide the disaster prevention administration radio door-to-door receiver with a text display device to the household which has a deafness person in the city for the gratis loan, of which the necessity was pointed out by the Deaf community after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

The text contents will cover weather-related cautions such as a typhoon and heavy rain, etc, besides an earthquake early warning, a tsunami alarm, and national protection information including a missile attack or terrorism.

According to the city association of the  persons with disabilities, 42 of 1,742 disability registration notebook possessors lost their lives or were missing by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

At the round-table conference which the association and municipal assembly educational welfare standing committee held last summer, a provision of disaster prevention administration radio with a text display function, etc. was demanded by the Prefectural Deaf Association Kesen Branch.

According to the city, 141 households are eligible for application of the device. It is said that the device would be installed one by one from February to March, next year.

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