Deaf Turkish man teaches a cooking class in Nagoya-shi

Toprak Hasan (left) teaches how to cook. Kim is at  right end.

 November 27, 2013 

The Deaf Turkish man, Toprak Hasan, 52, who currently lives in Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, studied Japanese Sign Language, and acted as a lecturer in the cooking class for the Deaf residents in the city early in November.

Hasan worked for the Japanese automaker in Germany, and got married with the Vietnamese deaf woman who lives in Japan after he got to like her through TV phone.

He visited Japan in April, this year, only to face a difficult life due to a different culture and language.

Through the job placement office, Hasan attended a Japanese Sign Language class 3 times a week from June at the non-profit organization called the  "Nagoya International Center for the Deaf" located in the city which supports a Deaf foreigner.

Hasan had an opportunity to show his cooking skill at the foreign cooking class with the use of the sign language at the center aiming at a Deaf international exchange. He used to work as a cook for about 20 years in the Turkey restaurant which his parents operated.

Hasan works in the same workshop as his wife, and he says that he continues learning reading and writing in Japanese in order to get a job in the automaker in Aichi Prefecture, which he has dreamed.

The Nagoya International Center for the Deaf was founded by Kim Nahm Yoon, 45, in December, last year. She who has an experience of sign-language interpreting in South Korea visited Japan at the time of marriage with a Korean resident in Japan.

With three personnel and seven volunteers, the center offers a Japanese sign language class as well as a Japanese one for a Deaf foreigner, and helps with businesslike procedure.

According to the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, the organization which takes juridical personality and works focusing on support to a Deaf foreigner is nationally new.

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