Deaf persons acquire official qualification as a dog trimmer after training

Dog trimming course at the "Biwako-mimi-no-sato" in Shiga Prefecture
December 1, 2013

The pet dog organization called the "Japan Kennel Club" (headquarters in Tokyo, JKC) has published five kinds of officially recognized qualification for a dog-trimmer according to technique and an experience level.

The welfare work facility named the "Biwako-mimi-no-sato" (びわこみみの里) located in Moriyama-shi, Shiga Prefecture, which offers working training for the Deaf, considered relation of the dog and a Deaf person was as important from the time of establishment in 2007. The facility provides a training course to become a "trimmer" for the dog.

The facility is the only trimmer training organization for a person with disability in Japan. Besides training of a hearing dog, management of a dog cafe, etc., the facility set trimmer training on the enterprise pillar.

Since the facility is not officially recognized by JKC, a Deaf trainee is required to take the certifying examination while learning at the facility. Six persons have acquired official qualification until now. Among these, several persons are employed as a trimmer.

Presently, five Deaf women are taking the training course for a trimmer. For their technical improvement, the order of dog trimming is accepted from a keeper: there is a request of about 70 pets in one month.

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