Tottori Prefecture: New teachers attend first training program with sign language

Newly appointed teachers learn how to sign a greeting at the Prefectural Tottori School for the Deaf.

November 1, 2013

In response to the fact that the "sign language ordinance" of Tottori Prefecture was enacted for the first time in Japan, sign language training to the newly appointed teachers of elementary and junior high schools was conducted at four places including the Prefectural Tottori School for the Deaf located in Tottori-shi, etc. on October 31. About 60 persons participated.

The training was provided for the purpose that a teacher teaches Deaf children in sign language in the class, etc., which the Prefectural Educational Center carried out for the first time.

At the School for the Deaf, 13 new teachers participated and learned how to sign a greeting such as "good morning", "thank you", etc., after receiving the lecture on the purpose of the ordinance, its meaning, etc.

One of the participants who was an elementary school teacher said that three years ago he met a Deaf child and that he began learning sign language. "Taking advantage of this opportunity, I will learn sign language more and tell children the importance of sign language."

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