Tottori Prefecture launches new sign language channel

November 19, 2013

In Tottori Prefecture, the "sign language ordinance" was enacted for the first time in Japan in October, 2013.

The ordinance defines that the prefecture is obligated to promote the environmental management which makes everyone easy to use sign language, such as offering more opportunity for the people in the prefecture to learn sign language, the information dissemination in sign language, etc. 

In response to the ordinance, the website page designed only for sign language called "Sign Language Channel" was newly added in the prefecture official network called "Tottori Video Channel."

The "Sign Language Channel" also has an audio guide for a person with visual impairment, the elderly people, and children who are unable to read caption online as well as caption for a hard of hearing person.

Japanese source:

Sign Language Channel:
First sign language lesson for the prefecture personnel

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