Tottori Prefecture: First meeting about development of sign language textbook

The committee members exchange opinions on the production of practical teaching materials at the Tottori School for the Deaf.

November 6, 2013 

In response to the recent enforcement of the "Tottori sign language ordinance", about 20 eduction experts concerned in sign language in the prefecture set up the sign language materials development committee, and discussed sign language teaching materials at the Prefectural Tottori School for the Deaf in Tottori-shi on November 5.

They will edit two kinds of materials for beginning level and application level. The former is planned to be distributed to about 80,000 children, students and teachers of all elementary and junior high schools, high schools, protective care schools, and a special support school, both public and private, within the prefecture. It will to be utilized at the short class meeting, the morning meeting, etc. during the 3rd term starting in January, next year.
The application level will be complied of conversation examples in school life, daily living, etc., which will be used in April, 2015 after the trial at a model school.

Tottori prefecture will station a sign language spread coordinator in three areas in the prefecture as a project next year. It also intends to start awareness through the comics for young students, making an animation, etc.

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