Metal of honor to the sign language circle for social service activity in Kanagawa Prefecture

The sign language class held by the circle.

November 15, 2013

The sign language service organization called "the Atsugi-shi sign language circle Ayu" (厚木市手話サークルあゆの会) in Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo was awarded with a medal of honor, the Medal with Green Ribbon,  for the season of autumn.

The distinguished services of the energetic social service activity were evaluated; the circle opens a sign language course for elementary and junior high school students in the city every year, and participates  positively in the event such as a parent-and-child sign language classroom, a disability athletic meet and a public event by the city, or the social welfare council, and exchange with the local association of the Deaf.

The circle, formed in 1977, has about 100 members now, working in the welfare center at night on Tuesday and the daytime on Wednesday.

The circle will prepare for a disaster, etc., such as the members grasp a neighboring Deaf/deaf person, make a disaster prevention map, and offers assistance when a disaster occurs.

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