Hearing woman returns home from Egypt as a job trainer for the Deaf

Ishii (left) says to Mayor Jinbo, "Egyptian Deaf people are bright, living with pride."
(photo: http://www.saitama-np.co.jp/)
November 1, 2013

Ishii Hiromi (石井弘美), a 30-aged hearing woman living in Toda-shi, Saitama Prefecture, paid a courtesy visit to Mayor Jinbo Kunio (神保国男).

She worked at the job training school for the Deaf in Cairo, Egypt, for two years, from September, 2011 to August, this year, as a member of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).  "My stay in Egypt was as if a moment to me. I have come to communicate in Egyptian sign language."

Ishii studied how to make ladies' wear in the cultural dress institute and found a job at the dressmaking shop in Tokyo. Later she quit the job and applied for  JOCV to find a way to help other country with her own ability.

At the job training school for the Deaf in Cairo Ishii taught needlework,  proposed the design of a handbag, how to make it, etc. She said the hand-made goods at the school were sold so well that she was glad.

Ishii has participated in a non-profit organization for stricken area support of the Great East Japan Earthquake which JOCV alumnus formed, after she came home in Japan.

Cairo was shook violently in political changes and public demonstrations for these two years. Ishi said, "I would like to treat my parents with filial respect because they have been worried about me during my days in Cairo."

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