Elementary students, Deaf and hearing, participate in exchange program in Kyoto Prefecture

Deaf children explain living aids for a person with disability.
(photo: http://www.kyoto-np.co.jp/)

November 1, 2013
An exchange program with children from the Prefectural School for the Deaf Maizuru Branch was held at the Kyoa Elementary School in Maizuru-shi, Kyoto Prefecture on October 31.

The exchange program of both the schools is continued for about 40 years. Eight Deaf students visited the elementary school and performed Japanese drums this year.

All the students including about 240 hearing children were divided into groups and played the game in sign language. Through the activity the hearing children deepened an understanding about disability.

At the study meeting by the grades, three Deaf sixth graders introduced living aids for a person with disability, such as a hearing-aid. They explained if they could not find any person to communicate, they would feel lonesome, and that they would be glad when you write something on paper.

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