Disaster prevention DVD for the Deaf produced in Osaka Prefecture

Members of the sign-language interpreting association discuss the preparation to a disaster while looking at DVD.
(photo: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/)

November 12, 2013 
The Nonprofit Organization The "Hirakata Sign-Language Interpreting Association" which holds the sign language lecture, etc. in Hirakata-shi, Osaka Prefecture produced a DVD which explains disaster prevention information in sign language and caption for the Deaf.

Yamada Tomoko (山田智子), a 53-year-old president of the association, explained, "It is as difficult for the Deaf person who lives on sign language ever since the childhood as a foreigner to understand a Chinese character and a text. The way things stand, it will be involved in a disaster."

The Association increased a sense of crisis and started the project since last autumn. Fifteen association members including Deaf persons, whose viewpoint is incorporated in the DVD production, performed, filmed and edited. They also raised funds at the Deaf-related events.

The DVD is made not only by sign language and a caption for explanation, but making a part into a drama cut to make the Deaf viewer understand it easily. The DVD production completed at the end of October.

One Deaf person who participated in the production team said, "The text of a disaster prevention map published by the city is so difficult that I hardly read it. As I don't have much about the knowledge of disaster prevention, I got to know for the first time in many cases while working on  the DVD".

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