DeafBlind group to grasp of the actual condition in order to get more support in Wakayama Prefecture

The DeafBlind woman (left) talks with an interpreter through tactile sign language.

November 08, 2013

Although 300 or more DeafBlind persons are estimated in Wakayama Prefecture, south from Osaka, it is said that there is so little support that the DeafBlind bear most alone in the world without light and sound.

With a supporter training, NPO Wakayama DeafBlind's Friend Society in Wakayama-shi in the prefecture began a project to find the situation of the DeafBlind in the southern area in the prefecture.

Only 20 DeafBlind persons registered with the DeafBlind Society. Neither a book nor television is not accessible to a DeafBlind person, who definetly is isolated from information.

Moreover, the support system for social participation of the DeafBlind is not enough. A required supporter is made into ten persons to one DeafBlind person.

Through cooperation from the prefecture the Society has trained and dispatched persons who interpret with advanced interpreting techniques, such as "tactile sign language," etc. and accompany the DeafBlind user in moving, yet 90 persons completed the training program.

The Society says, "Although being DeafBlind is a very serious disability, if support is offered, the deaf blind person can lead good life. We will advance the project to find the actual condition of the DeafBlind while attempting to increase more supporters."

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