Deaf students challenge denim making as part of training in Okayama Prefecture

Students learn the sewing technique of denim from the instructor (left).


Senior students in clothing course of the Okayama School for the Deaf located in Okayama-shi are trained at a direct-sales retail shop under Ibara clothing cooperative called "D# The Store" in Ibara-shi in the prefecture to learn industrial processing of the denim which is the Okayama specialty.

The students are making a product at the store 4 times from the beginning of September to the end of November.

The training aims that a Deaf student cultivates special sewing skills, the communications skills in a place of work, etc. in preparation for employment in future.

The students says eagerly, "We want to make the goods which many people like to use."

The products made by the students will be exhibit for sale at the school festival on November 17, and also the work exhibition which will be opened in Okayama in January, next year. A part of profit will be donated to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake fund.

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