Deaf student to play for local high school rugby primary in Gifu Prefecture

Kishino Kaede strives for practice towards the High School Rugby Gifu Prefecture Primary, saying "I would like to win a victory by a try."
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November 02, 2013

Kishino Kaede (岸野楓), 15, a high school freshman of the Gifu School for the Deaf in Gifu Prefecture, will participate in the 93rd National High School Rugby Football Convention Gifu Primary which will open on November 3.

His dream that he stands on the field together with the players of other schools aiming at the National Convention came true when he became a member of the combined team consisted of the players from ten high schools. His goal is to win a victory with a try.

Born deaf, Khino went to a local rugby club since the age of 7 under the influence of his father who belonged to the rugby team of Nippon College of Physical Education.

Kishino stood also on the field of a rugby field as a Gifu's selected player when he was a junior high school student.

It was possible to enroll a high school in other prefecture that would lead Kishino to participate in "Deaf Rugby". Instead he went to the Gifu School for the Deaf, which he could participate in a prefectural primary as a combined team member.

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