Deaf natural beauty therapist starts a makeup volunteer for elderly-people

Tanikawa Miyu, Deaf natural beauty therapist (photo:

November 06, 2013
"Everyone can be alive beautifully, naturally and healthily." Such a lifestyle is proposed by a Deaf woman Tanikawa Miyu (谷川碧優)" of Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture.

She began a makeup volunteer activity for the elderly-people in the institution in November. Fax and e-mail are accepted for an appointment.

Tanikawa plays an active part in her own business "Jolie coeur", such as a makeup artist, an aromatherapist, and a natural food coordinator.

She became independent as a makeup artist in 2005 after working for a foreign-affiliated cosmetics company. She studied the "makeup therapy" in various fields, such as a "nature cure", "body's internal environment", and "aroma mental counseling", opening a salon "Jolie coeur" at her home in Hamamatsu-shi in 2013.

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