Deaf children first slide on fallen leaves in Aichi Prefecture

The children enjoy skiing on the fallen-leaves slope.

November 15, 2013 

The opening ceremony of the "fallen-leaves skiing area," covered with the pine needle instead of snow, was held on the hill at the back of the Okazaki municipal Eda elementary school on November 14. The children did the first slide, getting down from the slope with smile.

It is a routine program which continues since 1957, and the children of the Prefectural Okazaki School for the Deaf also have participated since about 30 years ago.

Guardians carried about 4-ton pine needle from the nearby golf course, and covered and prepared three courses (30 meters, 35 meters, and 45 meters).

The fallen-leaves skiing area is used for the PE lesson, etc. till February, next year.

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