A comic book titled "The Sound of Voice" first published

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November 15, 2013

The first volume of a comic book titled "The Sound of Voice" (「聲の形」) by Ohima Yoshitoki (大今良時) was put on the market on November 15. (Kodansha Publisher: 450 yen)

"The Sound of Voice" is a story of the Deaf girl named Shoko, and the hearing boy Masaya who bullied her.

The complete version printed in Kodansha's the weekly boy magazine has attracted attention, and is serialized in the magazine now.

With the series version, it begins from where the two people who grew up to be a high school student meet again, and Masaya faces a conflict.

The special edition of the serialized comic and the author Oima was broadcast in the NHK program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing recently.

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