Tottori Prefecture: Video remote interpreting service and sign language class to be carried out

Image: Video emote sign-language interpreting service through the tablet computer.
October 9, 2013

The September supplementary budget approved at the plenary session in Tottori Prefecture on October 8 includes related costs of 22 million yen, such as a model project of the video remote interpreting service which uses the tablet computer, and a sign language lecture for the local residents in the prefecture.

The prefecture will station a full-time interpreter to a sign language support center located in Yonago-shi provides sign language service through the Internet with the use of the tablet computer that the Deaf resident in the prefecture owns.

The sign language lecture for the prefectural residents is planned about 10 times before the year end. The support of training cost of a sign language circle and sign language class for the staff of a school for the Deaf also starts.

On the other hand, the prefectural board of education also considers the opportunity for all the young students to study sign language. Although the lesson of "sign language" cannot newly be set up due to the government guidelines for teaching, development of teaching-materials is considered to be used as a part of integrated study, etc. that the student can learn. The delivery lecture to the elementary and junior high schools by the staff of a school for the Deaf, etc. will be also carried out.

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