Tottori Prefectural officials learn basic sign language

The prefectural senior officials practice a greeting in sign language at the prefectural office.

October 17, 2013

In response to the fact that the first sign language ordinance in Japan was enforced on October 11, Tottori Prefecture held the executive meeting at the prefectural office, where about 20 senior officials checked the measure for advancing the spread of sign language, and then learned basic sign language on October 16.

At the meeting, demonstration of the remote interpreting service using the tablet computer which is due to be introduced before the year end was demonstrated.

The attendees practiced six kinds of greetings such as "good morning", "I'm sorry", etc. in sign language by instruction of the Deaf female personnel of the prefectural league of associations of the Deaf. They were advised that signing with expression should help the feeling get across to the Deaf person.

Governor Hirai said, "The Sign Language Ordinance is an ordinance which goes the one-step ahead of a world. It is important to cause movement which gets the residents to be familiar with sign language." He also requested to hurry the measure to orient the general people towards the spread of sign language in the prefecture.

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