Signed chorus by parents and children performed in Tottori Prefecture

October 27, 2013

The first "prefectural sign language ordinance" in Japan that regards sign language as language was enforced early this month. The opportunity of coexistence with the Deaf community is growing.

At the Kurayoshi Municipal Nadate Elementary School, PTA takes the lead, continuing the sign language class since ten years ago when it was found that one of the children had a Deaf mother.

The sign language class opens 5 times in a year for the children interested in learning sign language. They learn the simple greetings and self-introduction by sign language besides a sign language chorus. They also play the telephone game by sign language at the year-end event.

In the study presentation this year held at the elementary school on October 25, nine sixth graders and about 30 parents performed the "sign language chorus".

The elementary school will continue the sign language class activity. The prefecture also will enhance the sign language education at schools in response to the ordinance enforcement from now on.

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