Sign language ordinance passed in Tottori Prefecture: "Historical day!"

Members of the organization of the Deaf share a happy moment with Governor Hirai  (left) after ordinance bill passed at the prefectural assembly hall.

October 9, 2013

When the first "sign language ordinance" in Japan was passed in Tottori Prefecture on October 8, about 80 Deaf persons and supporters who filled the gallery hoped that new convivial society would come true.

After the assembly closed, when Governor Hirai showed up to the gallery, the Deaf persons joyfully shook the special towels with a printed phrase "sign language ordinance passed."

Governor told a thought, "I would like to make sign language into an easy-to-use world."

Ogiwara Kozo (荻原耕三), 69, the president of the Tottori prefectural league of associations of the Deaf, said in appreciation, "I feel filled with deep emotion with Governor's sincere thought of sign language and the Deaf community."

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