Sign language interpreter in Aichi Prefecture tells her experience

Matsui Hiromi says, "I want many people to know the importance of sign language".

October 18, 2013

A sign language interpreter Matsui Hiromi (松井広美) first listens to the Deaf person who visits the welfare division for persons with disabilities where she is posted in the Anjo-shi City Office in Aichi Prefecture.

Then she guides the Deaf visitor to the citizen division, the national insurance pension division, Long-term Care Insurance Division, etc. depending on his request, and interprets exactly the system and procedure which a person in charge explains.

"The Deaf person cannot check whether something to say is told exactly, so trusts an interpreter. Therefore, I feel responsible as an interpreter."

Since she was born to Deaf parents, Matsui naturally acquired sign language. When she was a junior high school student, she joined the city sign language circle, and was involved in the interpreting volunteer activity.

She started work in the city office at the age of 28. Her working days of duty and time were increased gradually after once per week in the beginning.

Matsui studied the welfare system and technical knowledge through participating in a gathering of interpreters, the meeting in the Deaf community, etc. in weekends in the meantime.

It is because of her belief that "interpreting is impossible unless the interpreter shares the feeling of a Deaf person and understands the situation."

Matsui passed the national sign language interpreter's examination in 2002, and since April, last year, works as an expert with the term of office in the city office every day.

Sign-language interpreters run short and the spread of sign language is not still enough, either. Matsui says, "I want to see the society which has sign language anywhere."

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