Sign language chorus active in "town of welfare," Hokkaido

The members of a "sign language chorus" have deepened an understanding to sign language through the song.

September 27, 2013

There is a sign language circle which works focusing on a "song" in Shintoku-cho, Hokkaido which is known as a "town of welfare."

The circle called "Sign Language Chorus," which greeted the 10th anniversary of establishment this year, has a dream that the members spread sign language in the town, and make into the town where a Deaf person and a hearing person can connect the heart, meaning they can understand each other in sign language.

The circle leader Ota Yasuko (太田泰子) invited Okada Setsuko (岡田セツ子), 74, in the neighborhood who is tackling sign language since 30 years, to give a lecture to start the circle.

The members thought that the circle would not continue for a long time only by memorizing sign language, and decided to learn sign language through a song.

The song phrases expressed in sign language are made from a Deaf person's instruction, and they are devised so that a meaning may get across to a Deaf person in the neighborhood.

The members who were at the beginning of establishment increased in number from 15 to 35 now.

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