Lecture meeting to be held in Kumamoto related to "Coda"

Noritomi arranges a lecture meeting.
(photo: http://www.asahi.com/)
October 5, 2013

The organization, KDWF, in Kumamoto Prefecture will hold a lecture meeting in Kumamoto Gakuen University located in Kumamoto-shi on October 5, aiming at promotion of an understanding of the issues that hearing children of Deaf parents (CODA) have faced.

The KDWF leader Noritomi Hideto (乗富秀人), 43, appealed for establishment of "a group to protect the human rights of a Deaf child, a hard of hearing child, CODA, and their parents and family" (KDWF), which was formed in 2010. There are about ten staff members who are Deaf or hearing with fluency in sign language.

Noritomi, a born-Deaf artist, attended a Tokyo school for the Deaf, went to France for study, and currently lives with his Deaf family in Kumamoto. He moved to live in Kumamoto where according him "is positive to sign language education", taking advantage of his son's birth.

Noritomi explains, "the Deaf person has been discriminated in various ways. Existence of "coda" is seldom known, but they stand between in two worlds; hearing and Deaf person especially."

"There are still the discrimination and prejudice over sign language, etc.
I want people to notice pain which CODA and a Deaf person have through the lecture meeting."

Moreover, Sou Keiko (荘恵以子), a sign language interpreter, is also herself CODA. She will give a lecture entitled "the sign language as a minority language".

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