Issues on "welfare shelter" to be checked in Nagano Prefecture

October 21, 2013

Chino-shi in Nagano Prefecture will hold a disaster drill on October 23 in order to review the role and issues of a "welfare shelter" for the people who have difficulties in the general shelter at the time of a disaster.

A welfare shelter will be established at "Shiozawa Spa" in the city which is one of the seven welfare shelters designated .  

It will be the first trial that persons with disabilities and their supporters participate in the project. They will actually experience the situation of the shelter, and recheck the contents of the welfare shelter management manual (2008).

The secondary welfare facility is used for people with special needs, such as elderly people, persons with disabilities, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and infants.

When it is judged that the life is difficult for those in a primary shelter, such as a school, they are moved from a person with high necessity to a welfare shelter.

Training was planned for the first time when the Chino-shi Association of the Deaf" and the city community welfare promotion section discussed disaster measures.

The section officials said, "it is a big theme that we get those who need consideration to spend a comfortable time at the time of a disaster. We will make it the manual to meet the needs of those people through the training."

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