Governor explains sign language ordinance "as legal expression of the idea" in Tottori Prefecture

October 3, 2013

The regular prefectural assembly was held in Tottori on October 2 to discuss the first "sign language ordinance" in the whole country.

About the ordinance aiming at the development of environment for Deaf persons to live easily with sign language positioned as language, Tottori Governor Hirai Shinji (平井伸治) explained that it would enter under the category of an ideal ordinance.

He explained that it would be an ordinance which expresses one idea in a  declarative and legal way, in responding to the question by an assembly member Inada Toshihisa (稲田寿久).

Inada stated, "although I would approve the aim of the ordinance, it seems different from what I myself visualized about the contents of the ordinance. We should not dance for the policy of a mere idea", and asked for the prudent argument.

On the other hand, Governor Hirai replied, "first of all, a box is made and contents are packed firmly after this. This being an ordinance of a starting point" and requested for an understanding.

It is due for the ordinance proposal to be examined in a committee on October 4, and to be voted on it at the plenary session on October 8.

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